PS Vita: Two Demos and New Game Released Today

Hey everybody,

I got some good news for all the beautiful PS Vita owners out there roaming the earth. PSN store has updated (at least in the US) and some goodies have been put up.

Game Releases

Here is the Official Description of the Game via Konami:

Source: Konami

Not convinced? Well here is a nice trailer courtesy of Playstation:

Retail Price: $40

Available only on PS Vita via PSN

Game Demos

Jaime’s Preview: I remember when Ruin was announced for the Playstation Vita and I thought to my self, “Man I am going to play the crap out of that game.” It was an isometric dungeon crawler that screamed “Play me for hours on end.” Well, we are eight months into the Vita’s lifespan and still no info on the game other than it name being changed to less bad ass Warrior’s Lair. Well fear not reader, a new Silent Hill is coming soon and play similarly in a action adventure style that beg the question, “Is that really a Silent Hill game?” I dunno, but I have wanted a dungeon crawler for a while now for me Vita (Don’t you dare mention Dungeon Alliance) and this looks like it will fit the bill!, especially after seeing the launch trailerGive the demo and download today and see if this might quench that Vita gaming thirst!

Expected Release Date: November 2

Jaime’s Preview: This is probably in my top 3 most exciting releases this month, and if you’ve seen my October game list, you’ll know that means quite a bit. This is a sequel to the ambitious Nintendo DS game, 999: 9 Doors, 9 Person, 9 Hours, which has garned many accolades for its impressive storytelling and mind bending puzzles. Not many visual novels make it stateside, but Aksys is backing this game 100%, so I personally call to you to play this demo and see what all the talk is about. I have already beaten the demo and can safely say this is right up there with Dishonored and Assassin’s Creed for me. Wanna know why? Try out the demo that releases today on PSN for the Vita, and download on Thursday for 3DS. 

Expected Release Date: October 24

Also, more PS One Classics have been added to the Vita store directly. I’ve already downloaded Vagrant Story and Breath of Fire 4. Huh, Breath of Fire? How bout we get another on of those eh?

Jaime loves playing video games and talking about them nonstop if given the chance. You can banter with him via his Twitter, or you ask him questions down in the comments section below!


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