October Game List – “Bye Bye Wallet”

Heres is a list of games for the month followed by my thoughts on its release. Its a long list relative to rest of the year so hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife, hide yo’ everything, cuz’ it be raining games up in here!

Resident Evil 6 (PS3/XBOX360/PC) – Highly Anticipated

Genre: Action/Adventure

Resident Evil 6 is a highly anticipated title, if only to see if Capcom decided to add some semblance of horror. Early signs point to no, but I will wait and see it for myself when its in my hands. Personally, I thought RE5 was disappointing, but if Capcom can embrace this game as a Action-Adventure genre, it may actually become a great A/A series. If not, many gamers will look down on Capcom and demand a return to its horror roots or doom the series to extinction. But hey, no pressure.

You should pick this up if: You love shooting “zombie” and have a thing for QTE set pieces.

Sonic Adventure 2 HD (PSN, XBLA on the 5th)

Genre: Adventure/Platformer

What is possibly remembered as Sonic’s last memorable game (Personally, I liked Colors) is being remastered in glorious HD! I will definitely be picking this up on my PS3 day one, so expect some words from my mouth. If you havent played the Adventure Games, well friends, now is the best time to start! It is a direct sequel to the first Sonic Adventure game, which for many was the killer app to buying a Dreamcast. Its fast, fun, and has solid story which introduces Shadow the Hedgehog into the Sonic mythos. Definitely recommended if you havent played the game yet.

You should pick it up if: You still love Sonic the Hedgehog and feel the need for speed… for platforming.

Nights into Dreams HD (PSN, XBLA on the 5th)

Genre: Arcade/Adventure

Looks like Sega is gracing us with two classics in HD this month! Nights into Dreams is a fantastic action game that pegs you as a jester-ish looking fellow named Nights who collect “Ideya” (dream orbs or something) for main character Elliot and Claris. Complete the levels by having a solid score and get the best grade possible to advance and defeat the end boss for success. Its simple to learn, difficult to master. I anticipate the game to have some growing pains, but it is still a competent game that was lauded during its original release. Looking forwards to seeing how it holds up.

You should pick it up if: You enjoy spinning around right round while saving people dreams.

War of the Roses (PC)

Genre: Online Third Person Combat

War of the Roses is a third-person multiplayer medieval deathmatch game (Wait..what?). I’ve heard countless comparisons to the Dark Souls version to Gears of War multiplayer, but this could be its own thing entirely considering it seems mostly skill based online ala. Counter Strike, but with spears and swords. The new IP is interesting and I dare say a sleeper hit. The betas have been riddled with good vibrations, but the word is its disgustingly difficult. Masochists need not apply.

You should pick it up if: You like some balls to wall hard medieval action. Its gonna be some bloody fun.

Pokemon Black & White 2 (3DS/DSi) – Highly Anticipated

Genre: RPG

The first direct sequel in Pokemon history! I need not remind most people since this game has been hyped for a nice long time lately.  And to say that a Pokemon game will do well, sales wise, is an understatement. I don’t even feel the need to pander to you guys about buying this game. The name sells itself. That being said though, I am most interested about how Game Freak will approach the game story wise. Maybe it will involve defeating gym masters…maybe it won’t. It probably will though.

You should pick it up if: You play B&W2 or have a desire to catch em all’…over again.

 Dishonored (PS3/XBOX360/PC) – Highly Anticipated

First Person Action Adventure

Perhaps I havent voiced this, but Dishonored is my most anticipated title of the year. Not because it necessarily looks good (It looks amazing actually), but it looks different in all the right way. No mission is ever done them same, stealth and assault are two VASTLY different experiences. Choice people. While many games have touted this aspect of gaming, this one seems to have gotten it right. Arkane Studios has clearly gone leaps and bounds to make this something special and I would hate to see this game fail due to poor sales from lack of marketing. I will be reviewing this game myself, probably with a few other blokes on this site, so expect to hear from us. Still, I can tell from everything we have seen, this is a potential GoTY candidate.

You should pick it up if: You love stealth games, first person adventure ala. Mirror’s Edge and Skyrim, or have read the book 1984

Fable: The Journey (XBLA w/ Kinect)

Genre: First Person Adventure

I have to say, the departure of Peter Molyneux from Lionhead is noticeable in the oddest way. Prior Fable games have one thing in common: high expectations fed by false hopes. Without Mr. Molyneux, I dare say that this game has been severely underexposed as of late. Compared to other Fable games got much more hype, but this game has been so downplayed, I can’t remember what its about…Could be that is just a kinect game though. Yeah, actually, its that!

You should pick this up if: You have a connect because… why not.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PS3, XBOX360, PC) – Highly Anticipated

Genre: Strategy/Tactical RPG

Hot damn! Its an XCOM game! Taking the best parts of games of both old and new, XCOM looks to reinvent the tactical RPG genre. Firaxis is one of the best developers out there; they’re the perfect company to take this game on. And honestly, this is a game that should sell extremely well and is almost guaranteed to received critical acclaim. What you should be asking yourself is what system do you want to play it on. My recommendation, if you have a good PC, go with that. If you have a poor PC, make a better one. If you have no PC, go and buy one. Day 1 Purchase, No review needed. Come to Papa!

You should pick this up if: You love strategy and tactical RPGs like: FF Tactics, Front Mission, Fire Emblem… I could go on. Know this, this is the father of all those games. Pay your respects.

Naughty Bear: Panic In Paradise (PSN, XBLA) 

Genre: Action/Adventure

Well… The first naughty bear was terrible, but sold surprisingly well. I hope that this sequel will be a huge improvement over the first, but I am not anticipating much from this title. Whats surprising is how this game is unattractive to adults, due to the kid nature of killing teddy bears, but not for kids, because there are teddy bears killin each other with machetes and other weapons! Actually… I can see why this would seem to have potential. Hopefully, 505 Games hits this one out of the park.

You should pick this up if: Your down for seeking revenge on teddy bears, and having some stupid fun.

007 Legends (PS3, XBOX360, PC)

Genre: FPS

This is being made by the guys who made the 007 Goldeneye reboot. To be honest, at one point I was very optimistic about the game. The guys proved the could make a decent shooter. The game is taking 5 different scenarios from the movies and putting them in FPS format for all to enjoy. Will it be a success? I dunno. However, one look at that box art and, oooh, I shudder at how bad it is. We will have to wait and see. Can’t wait for Skyfall though!

You should pick this up if: You are a diehard James Bond fan, liked GoldenEye HD or need to get your FPS fix.

 DOOM 3: BFG Edition (PS3, XBOX 360, PC)

Genre: FPS

Doom 3 was a great game. It was equal parts horror as it was action, and was a great entry into the series. It will actually seem refreshing since I have a feeling RE6 will not fufill that horror need I so desperately desire.  I suppose making an HD version was inevitable. I trust id Software enough to say that this HD version will retain all the things that made the game an instant classic, and deliver us an awesome game with some new features and great graphics. And if not, well not all fine wines age well.

You should pick this up if: You like Horror FPS, enjoy solid controls in an FPS, and in general…if like FPS’

Skylanders: Giants (PS3, XBOX360, Wii, WiiU, 3DS) – *Dammit Vita*

Genre: Platformer

If you have told me that the original game would have been a success, I’d of said your CRAZY. Yet, here we are upon the precipice of another Skylanders game. Thousands of dollars will be spent collecting plastic toys that will be deployed into a game… Who ever spent money on the stuff. No one did that back in my time, we did collec… Oh right, Pokemon cards…same concept. Genius. Expect a solid platforming adventure game meshed with a myriad of collectible figurines that will devour your pocketbook.

You should pick this up if: you have lots and lots of money! Those figurines are expensive!

Forza Horizon (XBOX 360) 

Genre: Racing

The current king of the racing genre has got a new game coming out and it looks mighty fine. Its more spin-off then main title, since it will be the first of the series to include an open world layout. However, expect the same awesome fine tuned gaming mechanics you know and love from the series. Just also be prepared for a lot of dubstep too, the game is littered with some filthy tracks. Filthy good, or filthy bad, you be the judge.

You should pick this up if: Fan of the Forza series and Open World Racing.

Killzone HD (PSN)

Genre: FPS

A classic PS2 game is finally remastered in HD for the PS3. This has been a long time coming, but the good new is, its finally coming out. Even better news is that the old game mechanics have been replaced with Killzone 3 mechanics, so itll feel crisp and pristine. While its not the best Killzone by anymeans, the game kicks some undisputed ass. Great pick up, especially for $15

You should pick this up if: Fan of the Killzone Mythos, Enjoy a good FPS on the cheap.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter (PS3, XBOX360, PC)

Genre: FPS

Silly name aside, I am hoping for a good MoH game, but frankly, the last memorable MoH game in my humble opinion was Frontline. So perhaps I have been a bit harsh on the series, but despite the carbon-copy approach of CoD, its much better than MoH. EA has been making a scene though, stating several times over that the game is “Authentic.” Well, I think we’ll see about that, wont we.

You should pick this up if: You enjoy a “realistic” military shooters set around the world, and huge set pieces mixed into you FPS

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (3DS, PS Vita) *Personally Excited*

Genre: Visual Novel

Have you played 999: 9 doors, 9 persons, 9 hours? If not, do so now. I don’t care how, just do it. After your mind has been thoroughly warped, prepare for its sequel. While its not a direct sequel, not to my knowledge anyway, Zero is back and he causing a whole mess of trouble. I have kept info about this game away from my ears and am immensely excited to tackle the new narrative on my Vita. You will definitely hear my thoughts on this game.

You should pick this up if: You love visual novels that keep you at the edge of you seat while challenging you with intriguing puzzles

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (3DS)

Genre: Puzzle/Adventure

It saddens me to say I have never played a Prof. Layton game before because I know I would absolutely love it. But in due times my friends, I will make this happen. This lastest entry will be the last of the famed Prof. Layton, the series will continue, but without him. Not sure how that works, but chin up. I hear this one is a gem like the rest of the games. And if we are lucky, Japan will give the rest of the world the fantastic cross over between Layton and Phoenix Wright (God, I hope so) If you have a 3DS, you almost not excuse not to take a chance on this game.

You should pick this up if: You have a 3DS, love puzzles and great story, but you should probably play the other games before this one.

Assassin’s Creed III (PS3, XBOX 360, WiiU, PC) – Highly Anticipated

Genre: Action/Adventure

I am extremely excited to see how this latest entry into franchise utilized the Revolutionary War backdrop as part of its narrative. If there is one thing we Americans learn about in our history classes, its the Revolutionary War. I am excited to see how all of the European powers play a role. I am excited to see the new Assassin play his role. I am excited to end Desmond’s story. Dammit, I am EXCITED! Everything that made the Assassin’s Creed II Trilogy special seems to have been improved upon immensely, so expect an amazing game all around. If its not amazing, hell have no fury like an angry Puerto Rican.

You should pick this up if: You want to finish Desmond’s story, Want to raise hell in the colonies, Enjoy the AC mythos

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation (PS Vita)

Genre: Action/Adventure

While I consider it highly anticipated, I am more excited to see how it sells. Vita needs a blockbuster game like this. If it is critically acclaimed, then that is amazing news! If it is not, Vita sinks deeper into troubled waters. I can’t tell you if this game is going to succeed, I am excited  about being able to take Assassin’s Creed on the go, and play as a female lead. Do I expect a perfect game? No. I do expect a Vita-system seller though. Fingers crossed, eh Sony?

You should pick this up if: You want to support 3rd party developers on Vita, want to take AC on the go, find how this relates to the AC mythos

Need For Speed: Most Wanted (PS3, XBOX360, PC, PS Vita, iOS)

Genre: Racing

Criterion Games is making huge strides in bringing the Need for Speed franchise back to the forefront of the racing genre (well pushing aways its other racing franchise further and further away). Hot Pursuit was fantastic, and Most Wanted looks to keep the same kind of pace. However, don’t expect huge similarities with the original Most Wanted, that involved a deep storyline and large customization; this seems to be its own thing. That being said, I am going to be flat broke around the end of October. Were EA to include Cross-Buy functionality though, I am all over that. Make it so EA. Expect a high thrills racing game that is both equal parts gorgeous and polished.

You should pick this up if: You loved Hot Pursuit, Enjoy Open World Racing, Dont like unlocking cars, and dare to become the most wanted.

Okami HD (PSN)

Genre: Action/Adventure

Its about freaking time! It is awesome to hear the Okami is getting the HD treatment, and better yet, trophy support. The ability to dive back into one of the best PS2 games ever made for only $20 is a steal in my opinion. If you haven’t played this game, this is the perfect chance. It is the closest thing to a Zelda-killer the gaming sphere has ever seen. Hopefully, sight of this HD remake is sign of an impending sequel. *speculating*

You should pick this up if: Love Legend of Zelda, enjoy puzzle platformers, Always wondered who the hell Amateratsu is.

Zone of the Enders HD (PS3, XBOX360) *PS Vita version rumored to be cancelled*

Genre: Action, Fighting

There are plenty of mecha games out there, but none did it better than Kojima’s Zone of the Enders. It had fluid gameplay, complex narrative, and stunning visuals. I am hoping that the HD release will allow more people to experience one of Kojima’s lesser known works. Its a fantastic series that has been under looked far too long. It include both ZOE 1 and ZOE 2, which will bring you up to date before ZOE 3, which is currently in production.

You should pick this up if: You’ve been wanting to re-vist the classic, want to support the release of ZOE 3 and enjoy high octane mech battles.

Phew! Thats all of the main games out there. I should mention that Just Dance 4 and Dance Central 3 will be releasing Oct. 9th and 16th, respectively, as well. However, I do have much to add on their releases, so they shall get a simple mention down below. Fall has finally BEGUN!

Jaime loves/hates fall because he spends way more money than should on video games. If you seem to have a similar problem and wish to preach buyer’s remorse to him, contact him on his Twitter.


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  1. Resident Evil 6 will be purchased eventually, I saw it on sale early in Australia last week, but wasn’t something I NEED to buy right away.
    Pokemon will be great as always, just need to actually play the original White I own before purchase.
    Dishonored is one of my most anticipated I think this is going to be a darkhorse, from everything I have seen and reported on, this game will blow people away.
    Very happy to see a Killzone HD port with trophies, this is a definite purchase for me to finally play the original.
    Medal of Honor, sort of has my interest, but not really, shall wait and see.
    AC3 and Liberations both look awesome, going to be hard for me not to buy both 😛
    Awesome work!


  2. I tell you man, this is a good month for us gamers. I cannot wait to sit down a play the crap out of Dishonored. That game is gonna contest the GoYT waters, along with Assassin’s Creed 3 and possibly XCOM


  3. *Looks at wallet*
    “Prepare for your annual evisceration buddy. The last two wallets stood up to it, can you?”

    I tell you man, Assassins Creed 3 is going to be my game of the year. I can feel it. So far it’s Transformers but man, I just have that guy feeling about AC3.


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