New Star Wars Game Headed To Xbox Live

A game called Star Wars: First Assault first reached us in the form of a trademark and domain name being registered back at the end of August. Now an image of Imperial Stormtroopers in an vicious firefight with some Rebel Alliance Soldiers with the banner “Star Wars: First Assault” has emerged onto with the “Arcade” banner clearly put at the top which confirms that the game appears to be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade at some point in the future.

Unless this image is somehow a hoax and Microsoft are in an elaborate scheme to trick people of the internet, then this would be the second Star Wars game we know of, the other being Star Wars 1313 a game currently in development that was shown off at E3.

There is no indication to what First Assault could be about. From the image alone it looks to be some kind of Battlefront style game with foot soldiers of the Empire and the Rebel Alliance at the centre of the conflict. Of course every Star Wars gamer and their mother craves for Battlefront 3 but realistically, it won’t be that. This could be anything from a Kinect game (God forbid) to a first person shooter or strategy game. There is no word on whether First Assault will come to other platforms and Lucasarts is remaining tightlipped about the project.

Stay tuned to Analog Addiction when more news of First Assault breaks.

Source: IGN.

George Sinclair is an editor for Analog Addiction where you will find the latest reviews, previews and news. George is a MASSIVE Star Wars fan and can often be found quoting the films in a nerdy but oh so loveable fashion. Be sure to follow George on Twitter and IGN


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