Mass Effect Trilogy – All Details Released

Are you as excited for the Mass Effect trilogy as I am? Then you’ll love what we have here. If you didn’t read our article on it and you have no idea what it is or why you should care, then listen up. The Mass Effect trilogy is all three Mass Effect games all bundled into one collection and it’s coming to Xbox 360, PC and PS3 (yes, that’s right). The collection will be out on the 6th of November at a price of $59.99 for PC and Xbox with the PS3 date confirmed to be revealed later on down the line. It would have to be presumed that it’s taking longer because Mass Effect up until now has been a Xbox/PC exclusive and hasn’t therefore needed to be ported to a PS3. BioWare has also announced that Mass Effect will be ported and released as a download onto the PSN at a later date for $14.99.

The collection will be spread across five discs using one DVD for Mass Effect, two for Mass Effect 2 and another two for Mass Effect 3. There’s no word on how many discs will be used for the PS3 version of the collection but we can assume it’ll be three Blu-Ray discs. The trilogy will also be coming in a folding box made out of premium foil and will be themed with the famed N7 design. The box will also feature a reversing cover showing of female Shepard on one side and male Shepard on the other. Whilst on the topic of female Shepard, BioWare has teased something special for FemShep via their official Twitter “We have something special planned for FemShep, so keep that chin up”.

As for downloadable content, you’ll get the Bring Down The Sky and Pinnacle Station DLC’s on the PC for Mass Effect and you’ll get the Zaeed – The Price Of Revenge pack, Firewalker pack, the Cerberus Assault Gear, Arc Projector Heavy Weapon and the Normandy Crash Site DLC. Xbox 360 players won’t be getting Bringing Down The Sky or Pinnacle Station but they are readily available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. You’ll also be getting the Cerberus network on PC and Xbox 360. You’ll need an online pass for Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer on both platforms. There is no indication as to what will be coming to PS3 but we’ll keep you posted. No date for an international release has been revealed at this time.

You may notice that this is a pretty patchy selection of DLC so what do you think of it? Do you think what we get for the price is fair? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: IGN

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  1. Oh man… another reason to bash EA. It’s like they’re doing this on purpose. WHY THE !@#$ wouldn’t they include ALL THE DLCs??? I mean, come on!!! Lair of the Shadow Broker for example is the best damn piece of DLC ME 2 had to offer and they still won’t include it. Money-hungry bastards. And it’s not even on Steam (that’s not really a big thing since I don’t mind another program on my PC, that being Origin of course but still!!!) And they’re still asking 60$ even though all the other trilogy sets are 49.99 or even less. Well, thanks but no thanks. You managed to !@#$ a good franchise. ANOTHER one, if I may.


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