Mass Effect Trilogy Bundle Coming This Holiday Season

No ladies and gentlemen, you aren’t dreaming, and yes you did read that correctly. Bioware announced today that on November 6th, all three Mass Effect titles will be bundled together for $59.99 for the Xbox 360 and PC. It has been confirmed that the bundle will also launch on the PS3, but at a later, unspecified date. If you haven’t played the games, this will be the perfect opportunity to start.

Bioware has stated that they plan to celebrate the first annual “N7 Day” on November 7th, the day after the bundle is released. Not much detail has been released as to what exactly this will entail, but Mass Effect fans everywhere should be rejoicing at this news, especially if they missed playing the first title due to exclusivity or getting into the franchise later on. We will keep you updated on the topic as more news becomes available.

Source: EA official site

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      • Haha yeah, it sucks that there’s no date for the PS3 version yet, but I assume it has to do with making ME1 playable on the PS3. I’m also eagerly waiting to here if the discs will contain all of the DLC as well or if they’re hoping to make extra cash from the sales of DLC


      • I would have to assume that is the reason. I’m hoping they’ll release all the DLC on the discs as I’m holding off on all the ME3 DLC until I do my second playthrough. I’ll be more than happy to wait until this trilogy is released on the PS3.

        Well done on getting this piece up on the site man, you’re one of the first so far.


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