Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies Revealed

Well here they are, the Call Of Duty Zombies have returned (and no, I won’t make a joke about the fans being the zombies. Shame on you). But they’ve returned with a brand new approach to zombies in a way we haven’t seen in any previous Call Of Duty’s. You’re going to like what you read here. Analog Addiction has you covered bro! 

Zombies will stick you in a massive, wide open map called “Tranzit” that has you shooting and killing everything that lurches and has foul, flesh smelling breath. What we see in the trailer is a team of about three people moving from location to location clearing them as they go. We see the survivors fighting off against hoards of zombies, and I mean hoards. Another addition to zombies that makes it different is that you’ll have to get from location to location on foot or by bus and not via loading screen. You’ll have to fight your way through the droves of flesh biters to ensure survival. It looks like teamwork is going to play a bigger part than ever now.

Treyarch has also added something called “buildables” that have you collecting resources to put together that may unlock a closed off section of the map, supply you with fresh weapons and ammo or build a defence. This campaign mode will go on for as long as you can hold out therefore really encouraging the best teamwork you and your friends can muster.

Also being added is a mystery mode called “Grief” that has two groups trying to “grief” the other team. You won’t be able to eliminate the other team directly, only indirectly. How this will work however, is the mystery part to it as Treyarch is staying pretty tightlipped about it. This editors guess is that it could involve tearing down the other teams defences or cutting out their resources making them susceptible to the oncoming zombies. The winner is the team that outlives the other. Grief is apparently single player as in you are your own team but it’s a new take on competitive play no?

For fans of the old school, Survival mode is returning to zombies pitting you in a small area to defend until you’re eventually overcome by the dead.

What might just be the coolest part about this new iteration of Zombies is the ability that Treyarch is giving to players to arrange their own Zombie levels. You can tweak stuff like the amount of bullets needed to kill a walker or you could make it so everyone have melee weapons. What you do is up to you. But let us know in the comments or get eaten by a zombie!

Source: IGN & Gameinformer. 

George Sinclair is a news editor for Analog Addiction where you can find all the latest reviews, previews and news. It’s fair to say that this news has brought a new found excitement for Call Of Duty in George. Follow him on Twitter and his blog on IGN.  


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