Need For Speed Most Wanted: Get Wanted Trailer

Today a new trailer for Need For Speed Most Wanted has been released. The brief 90 second video showcases some of the gameplay involving police pursuits and highlighting the ability to switch your car even while being pursued by law enforcement. There are some moments in the video that truly make you wish the game was out already instead of the November 2nd release date. Rather than try to describe in words what this video shows, I’ll just let you watch it instead.

I don’t know about you, but seeing the driver drift in front of the police barricade only to watch as a cruiser smashed through the wall of police left me really wanting to play this game. While there’s no way to be completely certain about the maximum number of police vehicles chasing you at any given time, one can only hope that it’s something similar to what we see at the end of the video when the new Audi pulls out of the airplane hangar.

After a long day of street racing and evading the police across city streets, mountainsides, and back alleys, Eric likes to unwind by being an editor for Analog Addiction where you can find all the latest gaming news, previews, reviews, and everything else that rhymes with those words. ‘Like’ Analog Addiction on Facebook to receive all of the updates as they’re posted.


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