Should There Be More inFamous?

I give my thoughts on the inFamous franchise, should there be a third in the series? Should they create a prequel? Is Cole a viable mascot for Sony? Also give my own idea that I thought was very unique.

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  1. Yes, oh God yes we need more inFamous. inFamous 2 was just so good and the story had me in a grip the whole time. I’d love to see more.


    • I totally agree, next generation title as well see what graphics and new mechanics they can do, whilst improving on the characters even more.


    • Really man? Awesome didn’t know anyone was from Adelaide on MyIGN!!!

      I didn’t end up going, turned out it was only for 1-2 shifts a week, I need a full time job so sadly had to turn it done. Still working at my current store until it shuts down, so couldn’t quit that one yet.


  2. While 2 versions of I3 would be cool as you said, big development task, not sure if a publisher would go along with that idea, maybe just have two shorter episodes on one disk or do what Force unleashed 2 did and just forget one ending altogether.

    plus as much as i loved Infamous 2, im not sure if i want a Infamous 3, well i do want a infamous 3 but im not sure what they could do to continue the awesome story from Infamous 2.

    If they continued the Good story-line im not sure where they could go from their with the Beast defeated and all.
    I would love to see what they can do from the evil ending but im not sure how they could get the gameplay to work well.
    Maybe a spin off or new character all together (like a new outbreak of mutants in Europe or something) or like what Greg suggested on Podcast beyond.

    anyway good Video again and sorry for super long comment


    • Long comments are awesome! I know the costs to create two PlayStation exclusive titles would be immense, plus let’s be honest, they wouldn’t make the cost back.

      I just need more games in the universe, more then happy for another protagonist but it just seems likely to keep Cole after such a push to make him a mascot of the brand, they could have thrown him away at this point and not included him in the SXT game. But it just seems like they know he is too important chuck out.

      Thanks mate, glad you liked the video 🙂


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