The Wii U Will Be Region Blocked

Bad news if you’re a fan of importing games that aren’t available you and you’re getting a Wii U because Nintendo’s upcoming console region blocked. Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu broke the news that the Wii U will be blocked against all attempts to play software that may be available to one region and restricted in another.

If you can’t read that website, have no fear because a helpful Twitter user translated the article and brought the news to the West. The translation was a quote that read “What can be played on the Wii U is restricted by a region-lock feature; software not sold in the same region cannot be played.”.

It’s hardly surprising that the Wii U will be region blocked. The Wii, the 3DS and various versions of the DS were previously region blocked and you may remember the movement last year called Operation Rainfall that saw US and European gamers seeking to bring Japanese exclusive games to them.

So if you want to play Japanese Wii U games, you’d better get a Japanese Wii U or restart Operation Rainfall.

Surprised by this? Not Surprised? Angry? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: IGN, Twitter and Famitsu.

George Sinclair is an editor for Jamie Briggs’ website Analog Addiction where you can find all the latest reviews, previews and news. Be sure to follow George on Twitter and his super cool, too awesome for words blog on IGN


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  1. Nintendo seriously need to get with the times, this won’t affect me personally as I don’t see myself importing JRPG’s or unique Japanese titles, but the option should be there.


    • You’d think that they’d have learnt their lesson with Operation Rainfall. People want to play their games, it makes no sense to block them.


      • It must not cost much to do? I still think Nintendo treat their customers like babies, compare setting up a 3DS to setting up your Vita, you will jaw-drop at how much they have to hold your hand and use baby terms. Let us import games if WE want.


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