Side Quest! When will we see a new Commandos game?

This post is more of a love letter to one of the most difficult games I’ve played when I was younger: Commandos. I remember spending nights trying to find the perfect way to not sound off the alarm in the Nazi bases I was trying so hard to infiltrate and eventually, exfiltrate.

The thing I liked most about these games was the fact that you weren’t given much to go on, at the start of every level. You didn’t always have all your men (if I think about it, there were very few levels where you actually had all of them and usually those were the last ones) and each man had his own set of unique skills you had to use in order to succeed. For example, “The Sniper” was the only one who could handle… well, a sniper rifle while “The Driver” was the only one who could drive (this was a bit absurd, in my opinion but it was changed in later games where everyone could drive). Besides that, the most common thing all the Commandos men shared was the use of pistols.

This franchise is not an easy one. You can’t gun all the enemies on the map by camping. Each level had its own strategy and the fun was figuring out how to best use the men’s skills. My favorite one was Commandos 2: Men of Courage. It was the longest and the most diverse one. From snow levels featuring submarines, to levels set in India to remote islands with huge guns to disable, it was a pleasure to see such diversity. I would say it’s even better than #3 which felt VERY short and a lot of Commandos men were MIA.

Now… there is ONE game in the whole franchise which felt VERY out of place by changing so much from the past instalments. It felt like a very generic and I would say even bad game. That was Commandos: Strike Force.

The most obvious change (and the most painful one) was the fact that the franchise changed its RTS camera perspective to FPS. By doing this, most of the sneaking and planing was thrown out the window. It was all about gunning a lot of Nazis and very few levels included stealth (and the ones that forced you to do so, were poorly implemented). The spirit of the franchise was dead. But there is still hope…

Rumors going on say that a fourth game might or might not be in development and if not, then a whole new series (go down a bit and you will see more links), which is fine by me as long as it stays true to the first Commandos games.

So what are your thoughts on this franchise guys? Did you play any of the games? Did you enjoy them? Would you like to see more Commandos games? Sound off in the comment section below and remember!

Stay calm and keep on gaming! Vlad Pintea out!

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  1. Commandos 1/2 are playable on res displays (2560×1600) with hacks. Only problem is you have to use multiple views of the field, since the maps/camera view/game engine have some limitations.

    Would love a new Commandos game, but then again so would I like a new Baldurs Gate game ( Dragon Age garbage doesn’t count ).

    Chances are if they release a new one, it will be butchered and very mainstream. The gaming business is well developed now ( unlike it was back then in the late 90’s ). These types of games, won’t have much success. However, it should be relatively easily nowadays for smaller game developers to design a nice game like this, since big studios will just butcher them.


  2. My favorite series of game. I have been waiting from 2006 for a new one.


    So many out here we are waiting for new Commandos game.


  3. Commandos 2 is one of my favorite games of all time ! πŸ™‚ There has to be spawned a new game of this character ! There is just so much potential here ! πŸ™‚

    ps: didn’t even wanna try the FPS version when it came out :/
    Maybe I will….


    • The FPS one does include, at some points, the stealthy segments that we were used to in every other game in the franchise, but more often than not, it’s just a very generic FPS. Nothing new to the table. I really hope something’s in the works as we speak. It would be a shame for a franchise like this to just… die.


  4. I feel exactly the same, Vlad. There just has to be a new Commandos game better sooner than later. I’ll even go as far as imagine a beautiful high resolution Commandos for the (retina display) Mac and/or iPad. People make so much money on these platforms alone with far less exciting games, it would seem to me a very good idea to bring this great game back to life. Besides, the graphics this kind of game requires don’t really need that much recourses, so almost any PC or Mac of the last three years should be able to handle it with ease.

    So, if someone at Pyro Studios, somebody of the original folks departed from Pyro Studios or just somebody with the skill and will to re-imagine the Commandos, please do so.. there are many, many who are waiting for it to happen.


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