No plans for a Torchlight MMO or another game… for now…

During a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session, the developers behind the Torchlight franchise said that they don’t have any plans to release a Torchlight MMO. They said that the studio is too small for that kind of project and that Torchlight II was already a very ambitious one for them (but they nontheless, made it possible).

As for Torchlight II, the developers said you can expect post-launch content to be released, to make the replay value even higher. Also, they didn’t make any promises but you might expect a Linux version somewhere down the road, saying: “we do like to please”.

As for the future of Runic Games, they said that a third Torchlight is not to be expected. They will do something else but that future games will still include some sort of RPG system: “We have a lot of cool ideas and nothing pinned down yet. From my perspective, I think we’ll probably continue to incorporate RPG elements and randomisation in some new hybrid, character-based game. Maybe with more of a sand-box openness? Maybe with unpredictable emergent or procedural content. I can pretty much guarantee it’ll have loot, though!”.

My take on this news: I for one am looking forward to seeing something else from these talented developers. The reviews of both Torchilght I and II speak for themselves so even if they do something else, we can expect to be just as good as these past two games.

As always…

Stay calm and keep on gaming! Vlad Pintea out!

Source: GameSpot

Image: Google


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