The Most Wanted: Final Fantasy Versus 13

This is a column about games that have yet to be released, but at are the breaking point for fans (including myself) who either want some info or a friggin’ release date!

I want you so bad!

Oh, Square Enix… What are you up to? Earlier this year you came out with Final Fantasy 13-2 and just recently told us your developing Final Fantasy 13-3? [Its actually called “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII,” but lets be honest here]. I don’t if that what your Japanese consumers want, but in North America, it seems like they’ll take anything not related to Lightning and her companions. I mean frankly, you could make any of your old Final Fantasy games in HD and it would be a hit, but something about that number thirteen…gets you doesn’t it. I mean, you could fill a small country with the amount of fans you have, but you insist to do things your way.  They ask a lot I know, but hear me out. What about that other 13 title?

Now I am not one to pander to the will of fans ordering a company to release a game (or sign a petition to change an ending, but that’s another article entirely), but the fact remains, you haven’t impressed a large percentage of your audience as of late. I am not saying that your games have been lackluster, far from it! The audience seems to just want something they had been promised six years ago, a game that Tetsuya Nomura himself, the Kingdom Hearts guru, was working on. However, you can’t keep yanking the proverbial chain with titles like Final Fantasy Versus XIII with rumors of cancellation and drawings of the protagonist saying crazy things like “…Please wait for his turn to appear.” Pretty sure the entire world just yelled, “WE HAVE BEEN!”  And if you do tease us [the crazed populous], you better be prepared for things like this: Project Crystallis.

So what are you up to Square Enix? I know you got Nomura-san working hard on this game, but you show no love (or Nomura doesnt). I mean this is a game that was arguably more hyped up than FF13. It’s been 6 years since the announcement and believe it or not, we are nearing the end of this console generation. We already missed the perfect time to release Final Fantasy Type-O; you can’t let this one slip us by. We already know that we wont get any information about FFV13 this TGS, but for the love of all that is video gaming, give us gamers something to cheer about, because as it stands not many people have been too thrilled about Lightning Returns. So Square Enix, bring my back to the promise land, and let’s see you release a game that your small country of devoted followers has been dying to see.

Tune in next week to find out what else is “The Most Wanted!”

Let it be known that the team working on “Final Fantasy 13-3” is not the same as the one working on Final Fantasy Versus 13; they work in separate divisions within the company.

 For the most recent official video footage of Final Fantasy Versus 13, see here. Or look below:

Source: IGN

Also, to readers:

-Kingdom Hearts 3 will not be released or even put into full production until Final Fantasy Versus 13 is either released or officially cancelled; this is a fact. So stop asking for it, they know already.

-I respect the completion of Final Fantasy XIII trilogy because it clearly was a way to gauge how to approach Final Fantasy for later main title series, by experiment with the formula while also pushing the narrative forward.

-To those who pose the questions: “Who asked for Final Fantasy 13-3?” Square Enix asked for it, and they know a majority will buy it. Also, I kind of asked for it…Have you seen FF13-2’s ending?!

-If you wanna yell at Square Enix, tell em’ to lower their iOS prices, thats their only “purely wrong” problem as of late.

No one is safe from my rants!


Side-note: What’s Hiroyuki Ito-sensei up to? I bet its Final Fantasy 15, isn’t it?

Do you care about Final Fantasy Versus 13? Are you excited for Lightning Returns? Sound off folks!


Jaime is a Final Fantasy maniac, and all he wants is for Square Enix to live up to their prestigious name, if you share his hopes and dreams, follow him on Twitter  @RTBL1990


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