New DmC Gameplay and Screens

Ninja Theory’s upcoming reboot of the Devil May Cry series has got many franchise fans torn. There is a very vocal crowd crying out that the game will be an insult to the series they love due to the new developer creating the game and Dante’s “emo” appearance. The other side of the fans are staying fairly confident about the quality of the title and that it will please fans of the series while attracting new fans. Gamers who have played Ninja Theory’s Enslaved: Odyssey To The West tend to have faith in the upcoming title because Enslaved is generally considered one of the hidden gems of this generation and it proves that the development team truly knows how to create a great environment and tight gameplay.

To accompany the lengthy video recorded from PAX Prime at the beginning of the month (seen below), there have been several new screenshots released as well.

Warning: The video does contain a fair amount of gameplay as well as a boss fight. If you wish to know as little as possible about the levels or content of the game, you may not wish to watch this video.

Now for the rest of the screens you were promised:

So, do these new screens and video footage sway your opinion at all? Still very little faith in the new title, or are you one of the people anxiously anticipating the January 15th release date? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: True Achievements

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  1. I’m totally sold on this game. I only played DMC 4, so I have no feelings of resentment toward Dante’s new look. To me, he looks more like a model than some emo dude.


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