New Darksiders II DLC Incoming

Done everything in Darksiders II yet? In case you haven’t, you’ll be happy to hear THQ’s announcement of the first DLC package entitled Argul’s Tomb. Arriving on September the 25th for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, Argul’s Tomb will cost $6.99 and 560 Microsoft points. European PS3 gamers will be able to get into it a day later on the 26th. If you bought the limited edition of the game, you’ll be getting it for free if you entered the code that came with the game. Check the manuals people, they’re important.

What does the DLC package include I hear you ask? It contains two new dungeons with additional loot, new ice-themed surroundings and new boss battles. Word of warning however, the DLC is meant for those of you who have already completed the games three territories so hold off on playing the DLC until you do get through those zones as the DLC is said to include some “additional challenge” for players.

There you go guys, enjoy! And leave us a comment. We like that.

Source: IGN.

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