More Ninja Gaiden Headed To Handhelds

There’s been some good news out of TGS this week if you’re a Ninja Gaiden fan. Team Ninja revealed during their press conference that they are hard at work with two (or one) new Ninja Gaiden games for the Playstation Vita and IOS devices.

First announced was Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus first released on the Playstation 3 back in 2009 which was a port of the Xbox 360 game, Ninja Gaiden II that came out in 2008. So yes, it’s a port of a port but come on, it’s a new game for the Vita nonetheless. You may recall Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus being a Vita launch title.

The second announcement was a brand new Ninja Gaiden game called Ninja Gaiden Clans. Ninja Gaiden Clans will be out for IOS tomorrow in Japan and “soon” in other territories so if you’re reading this and you’re Japanese, get right on that. Ninja Gaiden Clans gameplay will revolve around swiping the touch screen to attack your enemies.

So tell us, are you interested in this news? I’m sure Vita gamers will be thankful for a new Vita game to occupy them. Whatever you think, let us know in the comments below.

Source: IGN .

George Sinclair is an editor at Jamie Briggs‘ website Analog Addiction where you can find all the latest reviews, previews and news. Be sure to follow George on his Twitter and his super cool blog on IGN.Ā 


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