More About Dead Space 3’s Weapon Crafting

As we inch closer to Dead Space 3’s February 5th release date, more details are coming to light about the different aspects of the game. For the most part, the gamers interested in the Dead Space franchise are divided into two camps consisting of those who hate this game for including co-op, and those who are intrigued by it and have some faith that the third entry in the series will keep the horror alive. One of the features that Visceral has informed people of is the fact that Dead Space 3 will allow for weapon crafting, but this fact has often been overlooked due to lack of detail, and the fact that people can’t seem to get over the co-op feature. Recently, however, Visceral has shared a little more information on the weapon crafting mechanic.

Cryo Torch, Tesla Beam, Hydraulic Cutter, and Magnesium Afterburner? I have no idea what those weapons look like, but damn they sound awesome. Within the game, there are weapon blueprints that the player can find which will act in a similar manner to finding suit blueprints in Dead Space 2 or using weapon blueprints in Fallout: New Vegas, allowing the player to build the weapon in a very simple manner. However, without using blueprints, you can combine tools, add modifiers, and create all kinds of wild weapons. Then, once you’ve created a weapon you’re especially happy with, you can create a blueprint of that weapon to share with your co-op partner if you so desire. Suddenly being a co-op partner has a perk or two, huh?

“Suspended Ripper and Line Gun? Check. Rivet Chaingun and Flamethrower? Check. We want players’ imaginations to run wild.”

The concept of letting Isaac manufacture his own weapons makes perfect sense given that by profession, he is an engineer. While it’s a bit surprising that it took until the third game to have this ability inserted into the game, it is definitely sounding promising because Visceral seems quite intent on allowing the player to create some truly incredible weapons. To end the blog post, the member of the developer teams describes what his favourite crafted weapon is:

“As for me, my favorite weapon hits the sweet spot of crowd control and deadly precision. It’s a two-handed Rivet Repeater and Ground Diffractor, modified with Electric Charge and Ammo Sweeper attachments. I call it the “Sonic Boom.” Trust me – don’t leave home without it!”

Click here to see the full blog post.

Source: Dead Space official site

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