Could We Be Getting Some Borderlands 2 DLC?

Now that is the question. Kotaku has spotted some interesting resumes from former and current employee’s of the developer known as The Workshop who are most famous for the Playstation Move game Sorcery.

What these resumes seem to indicate is the The Workshop may be working on a DLC package for Borderlands 2 called The Torque. The resumes mention an unannounced “expansion of a highly successful triple-A FPS” along with a “sole mission designer and scripter”. Now, if this is at all true, could this mean we could see some Move integration with Borderlands 2? Whilst it may seem unlikely, having The Workshop as a developer for a DLC package for a First Person Shooter would’ve have also been an unlikely choice. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. The resume states that this yet unnannounced DLC package could be more than 10 hours long so that could theoretically allow for some separate Move integration gameplay.

If you saw IGN’s Up At Noon last week, you’d have seen Randy Pitchford talk about how he’s interested in getting Borderlands 2 on Sony’s Vita. Could Pitchford’s interest in Sony’s latest hardware also be shared with past hardware? As said before, it seems unlikely but Borderlands on a handheld is something fresh and different as well as a potential Move enabled Borderlands DLC.

Either way, it’s an interesting move having The Workshop working on this DLC if the resume is legitimate. If it turns out be real, it wouldn’t be the only Borderlands DLC to be announced. 

Last week saw the Mechromancer pack announced which introduces a new character bringing the class number from four to five. The Mechromancer DLC pack is out already for North American gamers and is out in the UK on the 21st of September. So tomorrow.

For more on the mysterious Borderlands DLC, keep up with Analog Addiction. Oh and leave a comment. You’ll get warm feeling inside.

Source: Kotaku and IGN.

George Sinclair is an editor at Jamie Briggs‘ website Analog Addiction where you can find all the latest reviews, previews and news. Be sure to follow George on Twitter and his super cool, too awesome for words blog on IGN


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