Persona 4: Golden Release Announced for North America

Publisher Atlus has announced the release date of Persona 4: Golden for its North American audience, hitting stores November 20. The game will be released in two varieties, the standard version and the Solid Gold Premium Edition. These versions will offer 100+ hours of gaming including brand new content for Persona 4.

Behold the best selling Vita game in Japan

Collectors will be very interested in the Solid Gold Edition, as there will only be 10,000 manufactured and will be for sale at $69.99. This edition will include a special Persona 4 variety Vita hard case and matching wallpapers, stickers and also a Vita face cover.

The North American version of Golden was only confirmed in May of this year, with the first announcement of the title taking place last year.Persona 4: Golden has impressively become the number one selling PlayStation Vita game in Japan, which could mean good things for the struggling handheld come the American release.

Source: IGN

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