Zynga To Sue EA In Countersuit

If you recall, Zynga, the social gaming titan responsible for such games as FarmVille and CityVille on Facebook were sued back at the beginning of August over claims of copyright infringement most notably with Zynga being accused of copying EA’s The Sims Social .

Well now, Zynga has shot back with a countersuit accusing EA of making “baseless” claims and that the lawsuit prevented employees leaving to work for the social gaming giant. According to a company statement, Zynga said “Today we responded to EA’s claims, which we believe have no merit,”. Along with this, Zynga also stated “We also filed a counterclaim which addresses actions by EA we believe to be anticompetitive and unlawful business practices, including legal threats and demands for no-hire agreements.”

EA’s grounds for suing Zynga claim that EA’s copyright was “willfully and intentionally copied and misappropriated the original and distinctive expressive elements of The Sims Social in a violation of U.S. copyright laws.” EA also claimed that Zynga was able to do so by hiring top and important employees from EA.

EA has dismissed these claims referring to Zynga’s past with other lawsuits. EA also referenced the issue of Zynga acquiring former EA staff. “Zynga would be better served trying to hold onto the shrinking number of employees they’ve got, rather than suing to acquire more.”

Alongside claims that EA’s claims are baseless, Zynga has also accused EA of copying Activisions 1987 game Little Computer People. Zynga is also accusing EA of in fact copying Zynga with Sim City Social being copied from 2008’s YoVille. “Zynga’s YoVille, released in 2008, three years before The Sims Social, was the first commercially viable life simulation game on Facebook. YoVille allowed players to: customize a virtual avatar by selecting its skin color, facial features, hair color, hair style, and clothing; decorate and arrange furniture within a virtual home; work a virtual job; and socialize with other players by visiting them and sending them virtual gifts.”

Zynga also added that if they were to copy EA, then EA would’ve had to have copied Activision with Little Computer People, something EA has always acknowledged saying that they took influence from Little Computer People.

However, EA vs Zynga with Sim City Social and CityVille isn’t the only comparison made with Zynga. Look at Mob Wars and Mafia Wars.

What do you think? Who copied who? Has Zynga got a chance? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: and GamasutraOfficial

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