Why Uncharted 4 Needs to Happen

Uncharted 4 needs to happen.

I go through my thoughts on the series and why I believe Uncharted 4 and beyond could/should occur.

Sound off below on your thoughts. Want Uncharted 4? What story ideas could be implemented? Would a darker tone work for the series?

Thanks for watching :)

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  1. I would say they should give it a rest for while and bring it back during the next wave of consoles. With a new IP set to release next year in The Last of Us, Naughty Dog should focus on mining the possibilities of expanding that game into another successful franchise. While that game looks to have similar gameplay elements to Uncharted, it is a big departure from the more lighthearted tone of Nathan Drake’s adventure. Which is why I disagree with your point about Naughty Dog taking a darker approach with a future installment to Uncharted. Gritty and dark is what they seem to be striving for with The Last of US, so I wouldn’t want them to bring that tone to Uncharted, too. Doing so would distract from the appeal of those titles. I do agree that the games need to have more lasting consequences for the main characters. They’ve already teased us (twice) with a death of one the main characters, and fail to commit to that. It’s a cheap way to get people invested in your story.


    • You are right, I don’t mean like dark and gritty on LOU level. Just having a very emotional scene occur, would really differentiate the series and really set a rock amongst the pigeons. The ramifications of what they teased in 3 hit home hard, I was actually upset…Then they flipped it on us.

      Totally agree LOU should be priority and any Uncharted game should be PS4 bound, PS3 doesn’t need anymore.


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