Sleeping Dogs Demo Out Now

Available to download today on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam is the Sleeping Dogs demo, this demo offers gamers a chance to sample the stand-out gameplay that Sleeping Dogs has been highly regarded for. Developed by United Front Games (ModNation Racers) in collaboration with Square Enix London Studios, Sleeping Dogs  has become the media’s sleeping hit (pun intended) of the year. Receiving a great deal of praise for its fluid combat system, intelligent narrative and slick Hong Kong open-world.

The demo is being advertised as “an action-packed demo, to get extensive hands-on with Wei’s brutal martial art skills”, during a mission where he must chase down a rival gang member who is muscling in on his Triad territory. The demo is set within the bustling Night Markets of Hong Kong, where he is able to show off his martial art talents followed by a dock-side experience where you will have a chance to test out the smooth gun-play in Sleeping Dogs.

The demo is available to download now, but this is only a small taste of the 20+ hours of content that Sleeping Dogs has to offer. Giving players various open world races, numerous side missions, mini games and online leaderboards allowing you to connect with friend sas you work to beat their top scores. Not only that but Sleeping Dogs has been confirmed to be getting 6 months worth of DLC to go along with it, sounds like a good deal right?

Sleeping Dogs full experience is out now on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Have you purchased Sleeping Dogs? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below

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  1. If it all goes according to plan, I may get my hands on the full game tomorrow. From what everyone’s been saying about, it does indeed seem like the sleeper hit of the year.


    • I feel disappointed Darksiders 2 clearly lost this battle with Sleeping Dogs, when literally no one thought it would even be a competition. But shall definitely get Sleeping Dogs later on during the year.


      • I was basically debating which of those two titles to get and ultimately decided to get Sleeping Dogs due to all the positive feedback I’ve been hearing about it. Although I have strong preference for action games in the vein of God of War, I was not impressed with the original Darksiders, and its sequel still lacks a certain appeal that has made me steer clear of it. I expect to pick it up at some point in the future. Probably once it gets a price cut.


        • I already have it, just haven’t had any time free to play it. To many games given to review, I have high hopes for it and Sleeping Dogs was originally True Crime, I loved that series so I know I will enjoy this.


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