Rockstar Releases More GTA V Screenshots

Rockstar has released three more screenshots from their upcoming Grand Theft Auto V title, appearing on Rockstar’s Newswire we have been shown three shots of some ‘leisure’ activities that will be in the game.

Matt Hoffman has nothing on these dudes

Everyone is hoping for Kinect functionality….

Parachutes are for wimps

These screens follow the first three images we received earlier this week, still not much has been shown in terms of gameplay. We have discovered jets will be in the game and now some of the leisure activities, but I think it is safe to say I am not the only one who is ready for more concrete details on gameplay.

Unlike the original batch of screenshots, this release did not follow up with any message stating more would be on the way, so this could very well be our last look at the title for awhile.

Grand Theft Auto V is still without a release date.

Looking forward to tennis? Are you read for some more interesting information? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: IGN

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  1. I wasn’t a fan of GTA IV (the game remains in my pile of shame to this day), but the above screenshots are promising. Hopefully GTA V will incorporate more of the fun aspects of San Andreas and Vice City.


    • I feel exactly the same, was not as good as everyone said it was…It had so much repetition that it became boring and not enough fun/variety to free roaming. Shall finish one day…


  2. I wasn’t super excited for GTA V when it was announced because i find GTA IV kinda boring now, but the more i see of it, the more i realize how incredible this game could be.

    Also this is a really nice looking game, im thinking it’ll be on Next gen consoles, hope my PC handle it ok. you had better be able to fly jets and use parachutes and ride bikes or else im out


    • How silly would that be if they showed all of these images and they literally meant nothing, we cannot do any of them.

      I am actually with you, GTAIV is a game I have never finished after about 4 tries, I just get sick of it. But like you I can see how this game could really eclipse its predecessor. I personally hope they go for a real serious narrative, Saints Row has the crazy/disturbing open world genre covered.


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