Dead Space 3 Weapon Crafting Video

In the latest footage from Dead Space 3 we are introduced to the Weapon Crafting System, this is the new system implemented to show off Isaacs skills as an engineer. Here you will be able to collect loot through the game to create unique weapons to suit your play style, if creating guns doesn’t sound like fun to you  maybe try one of the many already produced blueprints throughout the game?

This new system will allow a greater range of weapons to select from, unique to the player and to the situation ahead. This functionality will also be implemented into multiplayer co-op, allowing you to easily create a gun and share with your partner allowing you and your friend to roll around with your new killing machine together.

Dead Space 3 was also finally given an exact release date, with North America to enjoy the game on February 5th and Europe soon after on February 8th on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Source: deadspace

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  1. This games is looking better and better. Next year is going to be insane. The only concern I have with this weapon customization system is with the possible limitations in the amount of weapons you can build. In the the first two games, the power nodes were hard to come by and even when you had some credit to buy them off the in-game store, you rarely had enough to upgrade all the weapons you had procure as well as your life support system. Of course, that issue was remedy by playing through the game again with the upgraded weapons from the previous playthrough. But it would be nice if you didn’t have to do that this time around.


    • Yeah I had no confidence to start off with, but they are adding some cool features and definitely making the game feel Dead Space like. Yeah I think they tried to emphasize playing the game multiple times, but I never did. The creation looks like a good addition, but as you said this could be very limited. The addition of something fresh, is welcomed from me.


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