Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance this February

It has been confirmed that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will launch February 19 in North America, February 21 in Europe and February 22 in the UK.

Blue Steel

The news regarding the release date came from the first day of Gamescom within a brand new gameplay trailer, this announcement was later acknowledged by series creator Hideo Kojima on his Twitter account.

Formerly produced by Hideo and his team and now being developed by Platinum Games, known for such cult hits as Vanquish and Bayonetta. This title brings forth the story of Raiden, this hack and slash spin-off from the main Metal Gear Solid plot line will allow players to control the cyber ninja Raiden, instead of the usual Solid Snake.

The trailer itself is located below, this lengthy display of Revengeance shows a great deal of combat. In one scene Raiden slices through a stone pillar to slice the enemy on the other side in a very brutal display of how much damage Raiden’s sword can produce.

Source: Machinima, IGN

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    • Agreed, this is just another Platinum Games title with Metal Gear skins. Trailers do look sort of fun, but I am still not interested, DmC is releasing around the same time and that will fill my hack and slash needs.


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