Star Wars 1313 – Gameplay Trailer

The first official gameplay trailer of LucasArts upcoming Star Wars title 1313 has been released, showing off the games underground and seedy setting the game looks incredibly realistic with some amazing visuals.

Keep it tuned to Analog Addiction when we have more regarding Star Wars: 1313.

Source: IGNentertainment

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      • Used to a couple of years ago. Star Wars battlefront used to be like the COD of last gen except it was a lot better than COD. Everyone pretty much liked it. I’m surprised when i see people who’ve never watched the films. I haven’t watched a Star Wars or played a Star Wars game for about 3 years.


        • I was obsessed with original trilogy as a kid, but the latest 3 were shit house…Well Episode 3 was okay, never played a Star Wars game though


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