Call of Duty’s Latest DLC Leaked


Leaked images of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s latest DLC pack have leaked online. Three images of new maps were leaked, their names being Boardwalk, Gulch and Parish. These maps are apparently the next batch of DLC, to be released for Call of Duty Elite members.




Over on Call of Duty’s official content calendar, three new multiplayer maps are meant to be released to all Elite members during the month of September. These three maps could definitely be the maps being released, which would account for all the DLC for that month.

The last set of DLC to drop for Modern Warfare 3 came earlier this month; this package added two new multiplayer maps (Decommission and Offshore) and one Special Ops mission (Vertigo). This month’s content drop will contain two brand new Special Ops mission and also a ‘classified’ piece of content, which is heavily rumoured to be a new multiplayer mode.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console will once again receive the content first, as their exclusive deal with Infinity Ward continues. 360 Elite members will receive all content releasing over the next few months a month earlier then their PlayStation 3 counterparts, as usual. While non-Elite subscribers will be able to buy a grouped pack of content, collecting various DLC packages together

The maps in question (Boardwalk, Gulch and Parish) have not been confirmed by either Activision or Infinity Ward as yet, we will update you when more information is released. Call of Duty has been in the new recently, with job listings hinting to a next generation title in the works.

Still playing Modern Warfare 3? Excited for new maps? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: IGN

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  1. I wish they would not bundle up the Spec Ops missions with the maps as DLC, as I would prefer to just get the missions. Not that I have ever thought of purchasing COD DLC, but the last one came with trophies for the Spec Ops and that dropped my 100% trophy completion in the game. It’s really annoying when that happens.


    • I agree, that is so annoying when you have spent so long getting 100%. Separating them into separate packs makes sense, so they will never do it 😉


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