Next Generation Call of Duty in the Works

Some interesting information has been found on an Infinity Ward resume and multiple job listings that seem to suggest the studio is looking towards the future. Next generation consoles have been rumoured for months now and this resume from a Modern Warfare 3 engineer Andrew Aye, seems to add fuel to the fire. The resume itself says that Aye is working on an unannounced title to be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC’s with DirectX11 support and TBA platforms. There TBA platforms could very well be the next generation consoles of both Sony’s rumoured Orbis and Microsoft’s Durango, since it has been heavily rumoured next generation will include DirectX11 support.

The latest Call of Duty to be released soon

We have been hearing rumours that Infinity Ward have been looking towards creating their next Call of Duty title on next generation software, since January. Apart from the resume the official Infinity Ward website has job listings seeking out a senior technical VFX artist who can “raise the bar for visual effects on current and next generation hardware” as well as senior engineer who can “implement gameplay systems and features for an exciting unannounced next generation console title.”

Aye was the lead engineer on Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 3 release, in addition he also worked at Microsoft, Obsidian and Terminal Reality. Infinity Ward has continued its support for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with downloadable content throughout the year, as well new content apparently set for release through September.

Source: IGN, Andrew Aye, Infinity WardCall of Duty

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  1. I still don’t know anyone who still plays MW3. I won’t get black ops 2 because i think it’s taking too many ideas from other games and its only set in the future because they don’t know how to add new stuff in the modern day era.


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