Sony Announcing 2 New Titles at Gamescom

Sony has been at fever pitch when it comes to announcing new IP’s and new first party exclusive titles this year, from PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Beyond: Two Souls, God of War: Ascension and The Unfinished Swan. But apparently the wave of titles will not stop there, reported by PlayStation Universe two more new titles will be announced at this years Gamescom event  in Cologne, Germany.

The report on PSU states that it, “has received details on Sony’s line-up for Gamescom,” and that they, “will indeed showcase two previously unannounced games” during their Gamescom showing. On the information they have received one of these titles will apparently be from a studio within Japen and the other will be a new PlayStation Move IP. This is quite odd, since many believed the PlayStation Vita would be at the forefront of Sony’s agenda after the poor showing at E3 earlier this year.

How can you say know to its cute little face?

Weird enough is the statement regarding a Japan Studio, which could mean Studio Japan who are currently busy trying to save The Last Guardian, which is still in development. The other confusing issue comes out of the Move IP, the Move has been losing traction ever since release and even though it has received decent sales it has been forgotten by many. So far Move has been given exclusive titles, for them to produce average sales and average review scores (Sorcery the latest culprit), so this new focus on Move seems odd when the Vita is struggling from lack of games as we crawl towards the holiday season.

Of course the Japan studio title could either be for PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita, maybe even both?  But the Move title will 100% be on the PlayStation 3, which seems like a missed opportunity to gain some momentum for the Vita going into the busy gaming release months ahead. Either way it seems Sony will have a big presence at this years Gamescom, also rumoured is the existence of a Super-Slim PlayStation 3 model unveiling.

Gamescom takes place August 15th through till August 19th next month, stay tuned for all the announcements as they come.

What titles could be announced? Could Move be given an exciting new title? Let me know in the comments below.

Source: IGN, PlayStation Universe, Wikipedia

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  1. Only ones i could see are infamous and gran turismo vitas unless they just announce info on killzone vita. But i still don’t see the point in ps move titles. Ever the sales will increase or they’ll lose money but judging by the magic book ps move title, i can’t see it getting any better.


    • Agreed, Move didn’t catch on they should let it slowly just fade away. Maybe Killzone information or maybe BioShock Vita? Something, they need to show us something :S


      • I think a better game for the ps move would be an FPS move only game. There are components that makes killzone and resistance really cool. Although it was disappointing at E3 where they said there would be over 20 announced ps vita titles and we only got 2 plus barely any info about them.


        • I don’t care about Move personally, I do not own one and more than likely never will. Just not how I want to play my games. Yeah even the smaller Vita games that were announced got barely any air-time anywhere because Sony…Must have forgot Vita existed.


  2. I’ve kinda lost faith in Sony, I am a game tester for them and as far as I can see the future looks bleak, especially in the IP department.

    God of war and the Smash bros knock off are pretty much all the fuel Sony is coasting on right now. They’re also releasing a new version of their already 6 year old console and a portable console which is failing because of lack of software support?? I’m not on board.

    Unless Sony finds away to reconnect with its audience, I fear for the continued gaming stance and dominance that Sony has held in the past.


    • That is definitely an interesting take, I think them letting ThatGameCompany go was a bad move, they should have thrown as much as they wanted to get them exclusive. Their arcade titles pale in comparison to 360, not only that but basically killing off the Resistance franchise…Well that sucked.
      I personally do not have an investment in the GoW franchise, but Last of Us does look strong and of course they still have inFAMOUS in the back pocket when they want.
      I still see them doing better then Xbox, Xbox are really just riding Gears and Halo into the ground.


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