Exclusive PlayStation All-Stars Beta Sent Out

Reported on a PlayStation reader named Metthew Remenah has informed them he received a PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale beta code in his inbox. Apparently the beta codes are now being sent to North American PlayStation owners, this was a very out-of-the-blue beta as no one knew this was coming, nor was there any sign up to be in the running for the codes.

The email reads as follows, “Congratulations on joining the Developer Beta for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale! Here you’ll be among the first to experience the iconic characters of the PlayStation universe coming together in an epic fighting game! We’re very excited to show you the game and all the fantastic features we’ve been working on and we can’t wait to see everyone go all-out in battle to see who’s truly the best!”

Screenshot of the Beta Information

Sent along with the beta code itself was the knowledge that those who have received the code have now been included into the PlayStation All-Stars beta message boards. This is the place where any person within the beta can go and inform the developers SuperBot Entertainment of any technical issues they experience.

The beta itself is set to focus on some key online components,“The focus of this private beta will be to stress-test the server’s load capability and in-game features.” also, “Please note that the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale close beta is a testing program for a work in progress. The game you play today is not indicative of the quality of the final product or its ultimate performance, frame rate, effects, or feature set.”

In the image Matthew sent in below, you can clearly see there are two separate dates that the beta will take place. The first of which is now on its final stages of completion on July 28th 11.59PT and then the second beta, on Friday August 3rd at noon, until Saturday August 4th at 11.59PT. The beta apparently also opened early to players for the opening first round, so stay tuned if you received a code to possibly start playing a little early in the second beta.

Beta times

As of now we have no idea why certain people were selected for the beta, however most beta codes and beta events are given to PlayStation Plus subscribers. It is safe to assume this is the case again and they have given codes to players around North America.

The last news we heard regarding the game was the announcement of Cole McGrath from inFAMOUS and Jak and Daxter from the Jak and Daxter series being included on the games roster.

Are you excited for the finished product? Did you receive a code? Stay tuned for more beta news.

Source: IGN, Twitter

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  1. I never get beta codes. The only codes i get are from these hacker friends for free DLC on all COD games and 10th prestige…..but i don’t play COD. lol The game looks ok but it doesn’t look like something that’s gonna be GOTY.


    • In Australia we are barely ever included in betas, which is a let down. The game looks decent, I am hoping for some more surprises in terms of roster, but the fighting looks alright. I can see many a drunken fun night had.


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