“Other ways to get into the Battlefield 4 Beta”

Late last week the Battlefield 4 Beta was announced along with the official confirmation of Battlefield 4’s existence, we were told that gaining access to the Beta would be through the means of pre-ordering Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s limited edition. Fans of the series were a little upset that the Beta would only be accessed in this fashion, however Battlefield 3’s Community Manager Ian Tornay clarified the situation to fans on Reddit.

“There will be other ways to get into the beta aside from MoH Warfighter. At this time, however, it is the only way to guarantee entry,” Tornay said. Fans were also concerned the support of Battlefield 3 may be coming to an early halt as Battlefield 4 is now on the horizon, fans took to social networking sites for reassurance. Tornay quickly dismissed those thoughts.

There must be another way!?

“We will continue to support BF3. DICE and EA are dedicated to continuing our support for Battlefield 3. Just as we’ve continued to support and maintain Bad Company 2, we intend to continue providing the best Battlefield 3 experience we can well into the future and past the release of End Game and Battlefield 4,” Tornay stated.

“There are several teams at DICE. Starting work on Battlefield 4 does not mean that we will be abandoning Battlefield 3 or working any less hard to bring you the best expansions we can.

“I think it’s worth noting that DICE has released a Battlefield game every two years or sooner AND Mirror’s Edge at least every two years. I truly believe that we’re in one of the best positions to be creating our next title – Frostbite 2 has matured, we’ve been gathering fan feedback like crazy, Battlefield 3 continues to expand with features which we can learn fro Killm, and we’ve got more data about how people play than ever.”

The Beta for Battlefield 4 is stated to be released in autumn of next year, with the release possibly coming not long after. Medal of Honor: Warfighter is scheduled to be released on October 23rd 2012 in North America, and October 26 2012 in the UK. Battlefield 3’s latest expansion Armored Kill will be released on Xbox Live, PSN and Origin in September this year.

Are you interested in the Beta? Will Battlefield 4 succeed as well as 3? Let us know in the comments below.

Sources: IGN, Reddit, VideoGamer

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  1. With only a year after BF3, the beta will obviously not be incredibly awesome but they’ll have to add a more stuff to prevent it becoming another COD. Maybe add in that rumored Dinosaur mode, let’s see what black ops zombie fans think of that. 😀


    • Yeah they are trying to do exactly what Activision is doing, for example instead of COD every year made by two separate entities they just have BF and then MOH. I think FPS games have to decline soon.


      • I think EA are losing more players to that rent a server because people such as myself get kicked or killed by the admin for no reason. If the gameplay doesn’t change that much, i’d still be happy if it had cool maps, long SP and Dinosaur mode although that’s wishful thinking. 😛


        • Never heard of this Dinosaur mode? That rent a server thing, is kin of more based towards the PC crowd. I was surprised it came to consoles actually.


      • It gets EA more money. 😡
        In the map packs you can find these toy versions of dinosaurs and i think the dinosaur in SP is a reference to some sort of speculation for survival mode. The devs said they may add it if its what people want but i’m not holding my breath because even if its in BF4, it will be rushed.


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