Gears of War Judgment Dated

During San Diego Comic-Con Gears of War fans were treated to some amazing news, during the Gears of War Panel “Gears of War: Past, Present and Future” the announcement was made regarding Gears of War Judgment’s release date. Now officially dated March 19th 2013, it won’t be long until we get our hands on some more Gears action.

What a sexy man

This latest adventure into the Gears universe will be a little different from what fans of the series have come to know, this game will center on events before the original trilogy involving Baird and Cole and their Kilo squad also featuring new characters Garron and Sofia.

Another key difference surrounds development, the game will developed by People Can Fly, developers of fan favourite Bulletstorm. From footage already shown of the game, it looks to go back to the original in terms of gameplay and classic features (Closing those emergence holes…EPIC). It will also feature an OverRun multiplayer mode, which has been described as a blend of Horde and Beast Modes.

Are you excited for this new Gears title? How do you think the new developers will handle the series? Let us know in the comments below.

Sources: IGN

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  1. Can’t wait for the next Gears! The mulitplayer is my game of choice, I’m almost to lvl 100 on Gears 3 😛 you need to get it!! Hope they change it up a little from 3.


  2. I’ve played both Crysis games and Crysis 3 looks awesome. Although the cycle may become different when the next gen arrives because of new tech but may be easier with ps4 as it will use cloud gaming… i think. Even though i don’t have 360 i’ll check out GoW.


    • At first it will probably be harder, just because it is new and fresh but easier once they have all these tools available for a good amount of time.


    • Yeah the turnaround cycle for games is far less now that it is so deep into the cycle. Crysis 3 for example, only about a year and a half ago was number 2 released and 3 is not far off, plus that game is pretty sexy. Developers know what they are doing.

      I suggest checking them out if you have 360, first 2 games are very fun.


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