Visit Liberty City on Vita

On the most recent Official Playstation Blogcast some news regarding a very popular and successful PlayStation Portable game was announced, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories will be available to download via the PlayStation Store after this weeks latest Store update on Tuesday.

A trip worth re-visiting

When the PlayStation updates on July 17th an updated version of Liberty City Stories will be released that will now work on Vita, although the word “updated” is used loosely. As there is no graphical improvements, no Trophy roster additions or anything like that, but it will now be available for download. Being one of the many PSP games incompatible with Vita technology, this is a great step to hopefully seeing many other classic PSP titles being able to make the Vita jump. Even though these games are far from new releases, having the extended library of classic titles to choose from is a great feature to have. Especially in recent Vita title droughts.

October 2005 marked the release of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, the following Summer it was ported to the PlayStation2 and has become one of Rockstars great sellers over the years. Back in Mach 2008 it was reported that overall the game had sold 8 million copies over both releases. Since having 4 more years to greatly increase that number, you would assume this game has garnered many more sales since.

Will you be purchasing Liberty City Stories? What other PSP games would you like to see compatible with Vita? Let us know in the comments below

Sources: IGN, PlayStation Blog

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    • I have only played a few minutes of San Andreas, few minutes of this game on PSP and almost to the end of 4. Rockstar games always tend to not hit a chord with me, apart from Max Payne 3, they just seem to drag.


      • I’ve heard they seemed to be going well back in the day until GTA4. I’ve seen GTA4 gamepley at my friends house and it didn’t really look like a great game.


        • The game itself is fun, but after repetitive missions and repeating the same dialogue, boring city driving, it becomes a pain


      • Gameplay in Just Cause 2 is awseome. Don’t want to drive or slingshot, head to the nearest airport and steal a jet. Can’t be bothered to go that far, call for an extraction and parachute in to the airport.


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