PS3 “Super” Slim Model Photos Leaked

Last week rumours started to boil about a “Super” Slim PS3 model in the works when the FCC leaked documents all but confirming its existence , most believe this unveiling will occur at TGS later this year. The rumours however have now gained a lot more ground with Anatel or Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications which is similar to the ESRB classification here in Australia. As well as the Portuguese website Technoblog having discovered some details regarding the SS Model, most interesting however are the photos.

Now there is no way to confirm that these pictures are actually of the SS model, but these photos do ignite futher speculation. Reports from Technoblog indicate that the SS will come in 3 variants 500 GB, 250GB and 16GB, which many believe is to directly challenge the 4GB Xbox 360 model. These photos are not the best quality, but it does strongly suggest that these rumours are true.

Are you interested in a SS model? Would this finally make your purchase a PS3? Let me know in the comments below.

Sources: IGN, Technoblog (Photos), Wikipedia

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