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The worst kept secret in the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale roster has finally been confirmed with the two latest additions to the growing list released at this year’s Comic-Con. Cole McGrath and Jak and Daxter have been added to the slowly increasing roster of the upcoming Sony fighter, Coles inclusion in the game was almost a certainty being one of Sony’s most popular characters and having already ventured into another fighting game recently with Street Fighter x Tekken. Though no word on a follow up to Infamous 2 in any way, this does confirm that Sony does see him as one of the key players to their first party roster.

Infamous 3 anyone…?

Our Latest All-Stars

Also heavily rumoured was Jak and Daxter, many believing they may be included as separate characters. Their inclusion has come as a combined character however with Daxter appearing on Jaks shoulder, which could allow for some cool tandem attacks similar to The Ice Climbers in Super Smash Brothers, perhaps? Their inclusion was another strong rumour since their HD collection release containing the PS2 trilogy last year.

One of Cole’s special attacks will be the Ionic Vortex, those who have played Infamous 2 will know this attack very well, this devastating finisher will cover the screen in a tornado of electricity, causing a tone of damage. You will also have the ability to play as Good Cole. Jak will have his trusty firearms and eco powers, as well as the aforementioned cuddly Daxter to attack his foes.

Sony has confirmed it will gradually release more roster additions from SuperBot Entertainments October 23rd release (US release) of PlayStation All-Stars, which will be released on PS3 and PlayStation Vita simultaneously containing cross-play functionality.

What are your thoughts on these recent additions? Who else do you want included? Let me know in the comments below and stayed tuned for more additions as they are announced.

EDITS: 18th July- Originally reported being able to play as good or bad Cole, have discovered my information was wrong and that the character will be good Cole only.

Sources: IGN

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  1. I remember when infamous 3 was revealed to be in deveolpment by Cole’s voice actor in an article and had to be taken down by Sony shortly after. 😀


  2. Dunno why i said that twice. lol But it would be awesome if they were keeping Crash and Spyro a secret or even if their own games were being developed again.


    • Well some interesting information I found out recently, Crash is actually own by Activision so that may be a problem and if they were to reboot they might do what they did to Spyro and just basically use them as a ploy to sell units. But Crash HAS to be All-Stars he was the mascot of PS1 and PS2 in some respects.


      • I always saw Crash and Spyro as the mascots of the PS1 and J&D and R&C for PS2 but Crash games were still going well when they arrived to the PS2. If they can’t continue the franchise, i guess they could still make like a HD collection.


  3. I’ll probably be playing Cole and Jak as they both have awesome powers plus infamous and Jak and Daxter are my favorite series. Although i wouldn’t mind if Crash and Spyro returned as some sort of comeback. 🙂


  4. I’ll probably be playing as Cole and jak all the time as they have all the coolest powers. Although i think jak would probably win as in infamous 2, Cole’s powers run out of energy muck quicker plus jak’s got the peace maker. I wouldn’t mind seeing Crash or Spyro as a comeback though.


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