Why the Call of Duty Hate?

There is this little gaming franchise many do not know of, it is forever lurking in the dark unnoticed by many. It is called Call of Duty ;)

These games have revolutionized the console FPS, they made a multiplayer community and have kept that player base for years now. Yet people hate to admit it. The fact is Call of Duty being as popular as it is, still gets hated on, why? The game is good if not great.

But why?

The multiplayer suite in each game gets better and more refined, that is why they keep the player base it does and why this is one of the few multiplayer games I put time in, because it works, you can find a game and there are hardly any problems, fact. The game itself follows an outrageous storyline (Modern Warfare at least) but even Black Ops had a decent story and to be honest, better then some other games stories which feel like a muddled mess, Uncharted and Assassins Creed I am looking at you, fact. Sure graphics are not top notch, but they improve slightly each year and as much as the supersaturation continues yearly these games are developed for 2 years each so they are never rushed out the door, fact again.

So why the hate?

They are told they are repetitive, quote from a Metacrtic user review “Same shit different day, Modern Warfare 3 is the same old shit since Modern Warfare 2“, well almost quote, I edited the complete lack of grammar ;) But then the new trailer of Black Ops 2 arrives and makes this argument relevant again…Twitter was full of people saying it looks dumbs “Call of Duty with robots…original” was a tweet I saw. Instead of why the hate? The real question should be, what is it you actually want?

People complain about carbon copies of previous iterations, yet the first sign of change is met with unwelcome greetings.  Do people just have to hate? Does it really grind people gears that a franchise is this success, even though it is clearly justified? Maybe this is a question that we will never truly know, hell maybe Battlefield fans at it again or maybe like my PC friend I have he seems it as “Too mainstream” to get into, the multiplayer is apparently “Full of 6 year old and foul language“.

Yet I was part of a clan for months and hardly ever came across people being idiots, that is my experience, the people in my clan were nice people and even though many classify COD as casual…Were some of the most hardcore gamers I have ever met. Sure, they specialized in 1 game, but does it matter?

I am not one to defend COD, I like the games but I am not the die hard fan boy some people are, but I am smart enough to know when credit is due and when negativity is needed. COD has made gaming more well known and helped sell more games overall, the games are fun and exciting, the multiplayer is some of the most fun and cohesive around.

This shows me Call of Duty does not deserve the hate it receives and that is a fact.

Jamie Briggs is Analog Addiction, you can follow all of his gaming related Tweets on Twitter, his videos on YouTube and all of his official published reviews on WeekendNotes.com.


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