The Afternoon Delight Episode 1: The Origin Begins at E3

Want to hear how terrible we sounded on our first trip into podcasting? Hell want to see how terrible we were at formatting and finding a place to upload? Well you are in luck! Today I introduce you to Episode 1 of the one day to be named podcast “The Afternoon Delight”.

We are without a lady presence for the first and ONLY time (Hopefully, though it doesn’t seem to help us) we even actually delve into deep conversation.

We cover all the E3 conference from the big 3, to Ubisoft and EA.

Come and listen to the podcast that started it all, plus as you can see the FIRST mix up of our actual podcast name…Enjoy 2 Brits, An Anus and a Podcast 🙂

Also sorry about 10 videos, only version of this podcast online 😛

Jamie Briggs is Analog Addiction, you can follow all of his gaming related Tweets on Twitter, his videos on YouTube and all of his official published reviews on WeekendNotes.com.


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