Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack Review

Today we are talking about Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack.

This is a downloadable Vita game from the same people who made Tales From Space: About a Blob, I however am going in fresh. Never played the PSN game and knew little about this game leading towards its release, hearing so much praise over a game that was only $11* on the PlayStation store, this was a definite buy for me to at least try out. Blobs attack is about a blob from space who was locked in a science lab and experimented on to try and recreate more blobs from its DNA. Opening cut scene shows the blob escaping and releasing all of his clones along the way. The cut scenes are few and far apart, only about 6 in total giving you a quick back story as to why you are in the new area you are, they are cartoony and have a pretty cool style to them which I enjoyed. I like the fact they didn’t try and overload on story, because frankly that is not why you are here, you are here for game play.


There are 24 standard levels throughout the main story, these are 2D side scrollers with their own little unique twists. Starting out very basic for the first few and gradually giving you more abilities and making the levels more difficult as you progress. Honestly I never found the game that much of a had task just playing to finish levels, so if you are trying to breeze through them you will not have much trouble. But the reason you want to make sure you explore everything is for the chance of netting a higher score by collecting all the points bubbles and collecting some of the blobs you released during the intro that are hidden within levels. Now going for these collectibles and your own high score is where Blobs Attack shines. It is very challenging to try and collect them all and rise up the leader boards with your high score (which are uploaded to the online leaderboards after each level) this can be a great challenge and push your abilities in many ways.

Apart from the standard levels there are 5 Vita levels that feature very specific mechanics , basically Little Deviant esque you roll your blob through the screen using the tilt function trying to avoid obstacles and collect more objects to increase the size of your blob in order to proceed. Certain levels are frustrating as the tilt is not 1 to 1, but they will be pretty lenient with checkpoints so you never feel like you will be stuck on the level for a long time, one good run and you can continue through.

$11? Buy it, Play it, Enjoy it.

The main premise during levels is you collect objects by rolling over them of slamming down on them to destroy them, small objects at first and then eventually increasing your size to absorb bigger objects and repeat. This is a cool system very Katamari like, but it works well and the absorbing sections of the game are my personal favourites. What is better then absorbing an entire city or an army of tanks? Absorbing planets! These are so fun and really put a smile on myself, one of the key factors actually is the fun factor. Apart from Super Stardust: Delta, this has clearly been the game that I have had most fun with on my Vita, not saying it’s the best I have played but fun can go along way when justifying your purchase.

The main game itself can take you up to 3-5 hours depending on skill level, that is a estimation as I played it over the course of a week. You are able to go back and visit any chapter at any point to go for high scores and trophies. The trophies in this game are mostly story based but there are a few wanting you to collect blobs and gold level every mission, they are not entirely out of reach and an easy 100% if you want to continue to have some fun with the game (Which I will definitely be doing).

Aww don’t they grow up so fast?

Another great part of the game is the soundtrack, the music during the levels are fun, vibrant and really all work together to form the games style. All the songs fit well and you could recognize these a mile away, also when you finish the game stick around for the credits. A musical delight will be on your way in the form of the final credits song, I loved it almost as much as the credits song from Splosion Man, also the company at Drinkbox Studios are giving away a free download of the track list for free. I shall link after my review, I suggest you check it out.


There is no reason not to buy this game, it’s one of if not the cheapest games on the PlayStation Store and it’s a great game. Fun levels with some cool mechanics and some decent challenge if you seek it out, with a great musical track to go along with it and some very epic moments at the end of the game regarding the events in the story, I could not rec commend this enough. The story if you choose to breeze through is fairly bare bones and will be a pretty short experience, that is one of its downfalls. But if you have as much fun as I did hopefully you will want to explore more like I did. I am hoping for more levels maybe through DLC, but the game as it is now short or not for $11* is a pretty fair price in my opinion.

Score: 9/10

Free download of Mutant Blob soundtrack:

*$11 is the price I paid in Australia, prices may differ in different regions.

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