Overrun by Multiplayer

This generation of gaming the multiplayer genre has exploded, finally internet and consoles have got to the point where they can connect to each other from one side of the planet to the other with decent connectivity and allow for gaming without much lag interference. Sure computers have been able to do this for years but for your average joe blow gamer or your hardcore console nerd, this is new and we love it…Right?

The Assassins Creed multiplayer servers

Multiplayer has become huge, your Halos, CODs, Gears of Wars and Little Big Planets have a huge amount of multiplayer dedication LBP being a user generated content unfocussed game, that allows people to upload their levels and then play their levels with others. Then you have handhelds jumping in on the multiplayer market with Mario Kart 7 on 3DS, Fifa, Unit 13 and Wipeout on Vita. I guess everyone would be over the moon with all these multiplayer options and almost every game out there having multiplayer? But are we? Many games that did not need multiplayer, now include it, is it to give players more options or just another factor developers use to hope you do not trade your games in?

Let us take a look at a few culprits.

Mass Effect 3

What an uproar this caused, announcing multiplayer in ME3 caused a great outrage from dedicated ME fans. The fact being nobody asked for it, sure there were few people saying this as a co-op game could be cool, but being a decision based game the second player would always feel shoehorned in my opinion. Fact was we did not need it, I have played it and I actually enjoyed it, will I go back to it? No. Fact is it is a glancing mode that people have not purchased the game to play, they purchased the game for the epic campaign and not to play wave after wave of repetitive multiplayer.

God of War Ascensions

Now nobody has played this yet so it may turn out to be revolutionary, or more likely “meh”. Again another game that has had many game, 5 all up that are single player based campaigns playing as Kratos. Now you play in some sort of co-op fighting mode where you do not even play as any characters from the story, sure the video I saww looked cool. But I do not see this having a dedicated fan base, after the game release maybe 2 months after the online community will vanish except for the VERY hardcore fans, waste of time.

Assassins Creed

Now I really enjoy Ac multiplayer, cool concept, fun and different. But nobody plays it because this is NOT why you buy an Ac game. Simple as that people do not want to p-lay Ac multiplayer, now there are probably people still playing it, but that goes for all multiplayer game, but when it comes in a few years and developers choose which servers to shutdown they will be on the chopping block because nobody is there playing. Now is it worth the time to make a cool mode like this if nobody is going to play, why not just not bother and put all your effort into what matters…

The main campaign

That is what matters, all this time spent on multiplayer modes for games that frankly do not ask for them nor need them is a flatout waste of good talent and time. This time and effort could be spent making AcRevs storyline actually bearable, make ME3s side missions actually manageable and God of Wars epic prequel storyline even more in-depth and interesting. If you make a game with an amazing main story people will NOT trade your game, they will replay the game because maybe you have given the effort to place in branching paths, given people the reason to replay the story. Or people love the game so much they want to 100% the game or just keep it around to play in a couple months.

Developers I ask you put your effort into making a story we never forget, a story that has twists and turns and many reasons to replay, do not waste your time on multiplayer that is not needed and feels tacked on.

For this Bethesda has my full respect, making epic games with no shoehorned multiplayer and tonnes of reasons to replay and try different paths.

Am I alone? What do you want?

Jamie Briggs is Analog Addiction, you can follow all of his gaming related Tweets on Twitter, his videos on YouTube and all of his official published reviews on WeekendNotes.com.


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  1. Lots of people used to play brotherhood and revelations and i still play revelations occasionally. It’s easier to find a match nowadays and it added a lot of cool modes. That deathmatch though is terrible, only played it to get a trophy. A lot of people still use it but hardly anyone plays the deathmatch.

    Mass effect 3 was okay for a week plus the free map packs are cool. If BW focused more on the SP than the MP and kinect then they could have focused on better stuff like, creating your own squad in ME3. But that free Earth dlc is worth checking out. I meet people on IGN forums who play the MP all the time just to get something like a geth skin which takes a couple of weeks to get. I’m suprised they don’t show signs of boredom.


    • Mass Effect multiplayer was fun, played i before starting the main story. But it didn’t seem like something that would hook me for a long time, never gone back to it yet.


      • The free map packs are cool. Plus with EA making a load of money with Battlefield’s rent a server, i’ll be surprised if any ME3 DLC wasn’t free…..including SP apart from that Prothean DLC.


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