iPad/iPhone Gaming a Fad?

iPhone/iPad gaming is apparently the new gaming market, the cost to create games for thees devices is cheaper then consoles and the price point of games allow for more spare of the moment purchase when a game is as cheap as a candy bar.

But in a few years will this method be viable?

Is this better then a console?

Think about it majority of adults these days own an iPhone/iPad and can pick up a game for a few bucks here and there to pass time, but how many people are playing it more then just for an hour and then stop? Many developers are considering moving into this area of developement to try and make some mad profits, but when people see how many games they buy here and there and only play once and then forget, won’t people figure out it is a waste and stop?

Not many hardcore gamers I know even go looking for hardcore games on these devices, they go to consoles and the fact is does the casual mum/dad who is on his way to a meeting and wants something to pass 5 minutes, really want to play an RPG on his phone? I don’t think so.

I think this may turn out like the Wii did, excitement surrounding the console, games and all this hype. Then people realized they did not use them and they were left collecting dust, many people I know have this problem. Can iPhone gaming really avoid it? I know I do not want to play a Fallout on my phone when I have a TV at home or a Vita to play it on, I just think maybe 5 years from now the gaming market on these devices will have run dry from over saturation and people realizing how much money they were spending on impulse buys they do not play.


Jamie Briggs is Analog Addiction, you can follow all of his gaming related Tweets on Twitter, his videos on YouTube and all of his official published reviews on WeekendNotes.com.


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