Batman Sequel…A Prequel?

Recently Variety was able to “Sherlock Holmes” their way into discovering WBIE (Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment) already has plans set when it comes to Rocksteady’s follow up to Batman: Arkham City. Apparently they are set to introduce some of Batman’s JLA (Justice League of America) squad mates to the game, however will not follow the current shocking ending of AC. Instead…Going back in time? (I assure you no Pitbull).

Are you ready to fight aliens? Again NO Pitbull, I promise.

Taking place in the Silver Age of Batman, the game will feature a “stylized” version of the caped crusader. Those who are unaware the Silver Age of Batman was the comic series during the 1950-70s, these included trips to space to fight off aliens with his trusty JLA by his side…Sounds a little different? This prequel will also feature Batman’s first meeting with the Joker (Mark Hamil has not been confirmed as the voice character at this time).

Variety also claims that this move is to coincide with the release of the JLA movie, which is noted as a 2015 release at best so far. The game in question is still without a lot of details, but the game would be due out in 2014 at its earliest.

Which JLA characters would you love to see make an appearance? Are you happy with Rocksteady going in the prequel direction? Let me know in the comments below.

Source:, Variety


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