The AA Meeting Episode 1

Hey everyone for those that do not know yet I have started up my own blog, putting my reviews, news stories, podcasts and some more content daily and hopefully some cooler stuff when I have the time. The site is looking better each day and getting more and more content, big thanks to Siphen for the amazing banner for the site.

As you can see the site is called Analog Addiction, I would love people to come check it out and give some feedback and maybe even follow the blog every little click counts.

Now I wanted to do a weekly news show, nothing to long just summarizing the main news stories of that week. Now before you listen I must warn you, it is JUST me, so if listening to one person chat seems boring, feel free to skip. I will also warn this was my first time with Audacity and I screwed up the audio somewhere along the way, my voice seems way louder then it did in the practice listen I did before uploading. My advice would be download and listen that way or be prepared to turn down the volume, some reason it gets better later on :S

Again my apologies but it should get fixed next week when I get used to the software.

I talk about MGS4 trophy patch, Batman silver age prequel, the new Vita trigger accessory and the rumours of a Halo 2 HD remake.

What other features would you like on the site? Any suggestions? Please let me know below, thanks in advance.

Episode 1 of The AA Meeting

Jamie would love your feedback and you can also follow all his latest posts on AnalogAddiction, as well as Twitter @Jamierock50, his videos on YouTube and his published reviews on WeekendNotes.

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